Multi-Agent Approach to Face Recognition in Border Control - 2019 September

SS Thenuwara# and AS Karunananda
In this paper, we have proposed a multi-agent approach to face recognition in border control. In today’s unstable world, security is the most important aspect. Border criminals, frauds and unauthorized immigrants are burning issues in Sri Lanka within the last few years due to the lack of proper identification systems.

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Disaster Management Aerial Robot

The drone is able to actuate a remote critical valve autonomously with the aid of trajectory tracking using visual markers running ROS in Linux companion PC. LiDAR is used as a ground observing sensor the drone has a novel Passive gripper landing gear mechanism which was successfully tested. This is the final year project of the BSc. (Hons) degree and it is awarded A+ grade in the evaluation.

1D network creation for flow paths – Sutra Technologies

This is an ongoing project to update flow path generation models based on deep learning and neural networks. The complexity of the conventional model is reduced and the new model can be trained with real world test results.

Film Cooling Module for Turbine blades– S Technologies

Developed a film cooling module for the Turbine blade simulation software CTAADS of Concepts NREC based in USA. Here I have used Goldstein’s’ conduction mathematical model and remapped it to UV surface geometry of the blade surface.

Magnetic Iron particle separator – Lanka Tiles

Currently working on designing an electromagnetic separator conveyor for iron particles in porcelain material.

Custom solenoid Design optimization and manufacture

This project was started to fill the need of lightweight, high force density linear actuator for the formula student car we built for Formula student UK 2018 competition. Design was done using Solidworks and the simulations were run using Ansoft Maxwell. The new design was 65% lighter than the commercially available alternative and performed well during the endurance event of the competition.

Formula Student UK – 2018

Designed and produced a formula student level car for the FSUK 2018 competition representing University of Moratuwa. Worked as the chief electrical engineer and designed and manufactured a Solenoid, a custom dashboard, Electronic throttle (FMEA) and a DAQ with 2D localization using Kalman sensor fusion for GPS, inertial and Wheel speed sensor data. This project is sponsored by DIMO PLC.

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